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Looking for your next adventure on trails and campsites? Drive Overland found the cleanest 2017 Toyota Tacoma for you - an absolute bargain for Overlanding vehicles.

Before we delve into the details, we’d love to highlight that this truck is equipped with a Crawl Control system/MTS on top of an OME heavy duty Dakar leaf pack AND a rear/diff-locker. These are all great for maneuvering all types of rough terrain way more smoothly.

Located in Seattle, Washington, this 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road 4x4 DCSB is powered by a 3.5L V6 engine, featuring up to 278 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. The owner recently did a paint correction and full wax back in November. It’s also fully loaded with everything you need to hit the trail. From a no-name iKamper style hardshell tent (approximately 7ft x 7ft bed) that opens on the driver side and a Prinsu cab rack with a handle on each side to the General Grabber ATX tires LT265 / 75 / R16 (31’s), the sturdy rig is super solid.

And did you think we were done? Tiny spoiler - There’s a loooong list of specs/mods ahead of us, so buckle up and let’s check out what else the owner did with this rig.

So, moving to the front, you can catch that SDHQ hidden winch mount and SB 12k wireless synthetic winch, with which you can hoist yourself or a friend out of a sticky predicament. There’s also the 2020 TRD OR grill. Have you noticed the snorkel? That’s a no-name snorkel the owner got, and it comes from the same mold as Safari.

Shifting to the side of the truck, you can see 4 Maxtrax in silver/grey mounted on Maxtrax pins (no broken teeth), SCS SR8 Gunmetal 16's (with spline lugs and tool), and the capped 5 ft bed.

Circling back to the capped bed, let’s see what we can mainly find. 

  • Dometic CFX 35W on Dometic slide runs off switch on Switchpros.
  • Flat tailgate in light grey, food-grade
  • RLD stainless canopy in grey
  • Slides for 3 Frontrunner Wolfpacks and extra mattress pad
  • Dropdown table mount
  • Two sets of 10 gauge and two sets of 12 gauge wires run to truck bed along frame rail/factory harness.

Poking further inside the truck, that JBL system(knurled knobs) will hype you up like no tomorrow if you’re a fan of in-car concerts… Of course, the premium package also includes parking assist and blind spot, etc. Additionally, the truck is mounted with Expedition Essentials powered phone/tablet mount on the dash with two ram mounts for phones, 1 spare ball mount.

Alright! We sure could go over the perks of this heavily modified beaut for hours, but we’re here to highlight to you the finest features and help you find the sweetest deals. So we listed the rest of the mods/specs below for you to go over. Meanwhile, why don’t you relish the charm of this rig looking over the pictures? 

  • Off-grid Engineering dual battery setup with Blue sea ACR
  • Odyssey red top group 34 batteries
  • Switch pros with SDHQ mount
  • Glovebox and center console organizers
  • Bilstein 6112/5160
  • 600lb front springs
  • RCI Aluminum full skid plate set (front to transfer case)
  • RCI bolt on sliders, no fill plates, angled with kick outs
  • Pelican 1610 Storm case for storage (currently holds the annex for the tentTent is mounted on 8020 aluminum, Alucab crossbars, and a Frontrunner crossbar
  • 4 inch memory foam mattress in tent
  • 4 2.4amp usb ports in the tent running off a switch on Switchpros
  • Annex for tent with stakes and tie-downs
  • Alucab Shadow 270 awning mounted on passenger side
  • Recovery gear includes, kinetic strap, soft shackles, tree saver, snatch block, misc extras
  • Led pod lights with adapters (not installed) for either wheel wells or around the roof for perimeter lights
  • Full size med kit
  • Toyota vintage (repop) toolbag with most tools you'll need for the truck

This beautiful beast is being offered with a clean title and no known issues. 

The seller is interested in trading or selling parts. 

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